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What is the Effect of UV Printer Voltage on Printing Ink Droplets?

Oct. 20, 2020

As a Uv Ink Supplier for Epson, share with you. During the printing process, the voltage is always changing in real time, which depends on the "temperature-pressure curve". The temperature-pressure curve simply means that the working voltage of the nozzle will change with the temperature. Speaking of temperature and pressure curves, we must talk about the characteristics of ink. Because the ink changes with temperature, the viscosity will also change. For example, if the temperature increases by 5°C, the viscosity of the ink decreases by two values, and the ejection force (voltage value) required by the piezoelectric ceramic also needs to be reduced accordingly.

Epson Uv Ink

Epson Uv Ink

Simply put, when the viscosity of the ink increases or decreases, the voltage required by the piezoelectric ceramic of the print head also needs to be adjusted. The viscosity increases and the voltage increases. The viscosity decreases and the voltage decreases.

The influence of UV printer voltage on printing ink drop

If you want to understand the effect of voltage on printing, you must first understand the waveform. The waveform is a set of voltage combinations that control the ink output from the nozzle, and the waveform and temperature-pressure curve are a set of data customized by the nozzle manufacturer according to the characteristics of the ink. This set of data guarantees the smoothness and accuracy of the ink jetting of the nozzle. However, most of the inks on the market are modulated by analyzing the parameters of the original inks, and the parameters are difficult to guarantee 100% coincidence. Therefore, when using compatible inks, you need to adjust the voltage to ensure fluency (continuous ink), or to achieve a better ink droplet ejection effect.

How to adjust the voltage when printing ink is broken or the ink drop effect is not good?

When the ink breaks easily, the voltage needs to be lowered. Because of the high voltage, the vibration amplitude of the piezoelectric ceramic ink cavity is too large, causing the ink in the ink cavity to be ejected and the new ink cannot form an optimal ejection state after inhalation, and the ink is likely to be broken during the next ejection. In this case, the voltage needs to be reduced, and it is generally adjusted in units of 0.5V (or even smaller amplitude).

The printed image is rough, the lines are not straight, and the voltage is increased when it is faint. Because the voltage is too low, the piezoelectric ceramics are not deformed enough, the ink jet strength is reduced, and the ink dots are not accurate. In this case, the voltage needs to be increased.

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