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What are the Factors that Need to be Considered When Adjusting Ink Thickness in UV Printing?

Oct. 26, 2020

As a Wall Paper UV Ink Manufacturer, share with you. The thickness of the ink jetted when the UV printer is working is related to the quality of the printing the effect, so be careful when adjusting. Three factors need to be considered when adjusting ink thickness:

1. Printed materials

UV printer printing material type and background color, the ink thickness should be adjusted according to the material. If the surface of the printing material is soft, the gap is large, and the background color is dark, for example, leather and other materials need to increase a certain amount of ink.

2. Pattern requirements

Need to adjust the ink thickness according to the color of the pattern. If the pattern to be printed is bright and dark, the thickness of the ink needs to be increased appropriately; otherwise, the thickness of the ink must be reduced.

3.Printing effect

Adjust the ink thickness according to the desired printing effect. If you want to print a 3D relief effect, you need to increase the ink thickness. Then I will share with you the three major influences of the UV printer raster strip on printing:Wall Paper UV Ink Manufacturer

Wall Paper UV Ink Manufacturer

4. No ink can be printed

Many people find that they don’t think about the grating if they can’t produce ink, and they will doubt the print head or board card. Because the nozzle needs to be ignited to produce ink, the control system will not issue an ignition command if the car cannot find its "position" when it is moving. If you see that the light is the movement of the trolley and no ink is emitted, you can consider the problem of the grating.

5. Printing stops

There is an obvious feature of the printing stop problem caused by the raster, that is, the car must stop on both sides of the image. If the trolley stays in the middle of the trolley, it is definitely not a stop caused by the grating. In this case, not only the problem of the grating itself must be considered but also whether there is interference or problems caused by poor grounding. Do not change the grating blindly.

6. The image has vertical lines

When it is found that the image has vertical lines like a grid, it means that the raster decoder has jumped during operation. This situation is more complicated, and replacing the grating may not be able to solve it. It may be environmental interference, machine jitter, or a problem with the printing control system. It is generally found that this kind of problem can be solved by contacting the manufacturer.

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