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Desktop Pigment ink

epson pigment ink

InkMall desktop pigment inks are excellent in wash-resistance, print sharpness, Color depth, clog free nozzles, decap time. Processed from premium grade pigments, this inks ensure excellent quality text printing and vibrant Color images, these are widely demanded owing to their host of excellent FEATURES like quick drying, acid-free ink and superior resistance properties.!


• Vivid Color, Lifelike picture effects, wide Color gamut, Excellent Color performance.

• No clogging printhead, good fluency, suitable for continuous printing.

• Excellent UV fade resistance and ozone resistance.

• Suitable PH value to protect printhead.

• High blackness, printed pictures very shiny and brilliant Color.

Inkmall is a world-class manufacturer of inks for digital inkjet printing technology. We manufacture premium Epson pigment inks for all Epson printers. our Epson pigment inks are developed from premium colourants to provide enhanced fade resistance, consistent print quality and excellent adhesion for effortless printing. With excellent resistance to ozone and UV fading, these Epson pigment inks provide exceptional clarity and definition in printing. INKMALL Epson 4-colour ink cartridge printers Epson pigment ink is designed to meet the printing needs of the digital printing industry and reduce printing costs. Our Epson pigment ink products are developed using the highest quality raw materials to provide excellent print performance and extremely reliable print head life. Please contact us to find out about our availability of Epson pigment ink in your area.

Epson pigment ink Features

INKMALL Epson pigment ink offers high wear resistance and vibrant colour performance. Our pigment inks can be printed and stored under a wide range of conditions and feature high fastness, high water resistance, bright colours, super black, fast drying surfaces, wider colour gamut and rich colour representation.

Excellent print quality

Excellent light and ozone fade resistance

Non-clogging print runs

High-quality photo prints

Wash and fade-resistant prints

Epson pigment ink applications and benefits

Epson pigment ink is ideal for ironing cotton shirts, photo prints, stickers, labels and other transfers ......

Epson pigment ink is compatible with the Epson inks supplied with the printer

Epson pigment ink is waterproof and fade-resistant ink

Epson pigment ink is 100 % compatible with the Epson ink supplied with the printer when new

Additional specifications for Epson pigment ink

Custom Epson pigment ink packaging available for bulk and OEM orders

Epson pigment ink is not directly exposed to sunlight.

It is recommended that all coloured Epson pigment ink is installed at the same time.