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Textile Ink

textile digital printing inks

InkMall has been successful in establishing ourselves as a trusted manufacturer and exporter of digital textile industry. 

All IM-TPI textile inks passed testing includes color fastness level for perspiration, washing and light fastness, wet and dry rub.

IM-TPI series Textile printing ink is suitable for modified flatbed printers. 

A. Textile DTG pigment ink (Direct printing ink), 

    The digital ink can be printed onto the media directly, suitable for all textile and cotton products.

B. Textile sublimation ink (heat transfer printing ink) printed on the transfer paper

Recommend technical operation: Clothes--Printing--Baking--Product
White color only for DTG Pigment ink. 

▼ Dye Sublimation Ink 

▼ DTG Pigment Ink 

▼ DTF Ink

Textile digital printing inks

With the advancement of inkjet ink technology and the textile industry, digital textile printing inks have seen huge advances . In this growing segment of the digital printing market, Splashjet has developed innovative inks for digital printing for all major industrial print heads and fabrics. With over 15 years of experience in the inkjet industry, we offer a wide range of digital printing inks for different applications and different print heads.

OEMs and manufacturers in the textile industry choose our vibrant, colourfast inks for their wide format and standard textile printers.

Textile digital printing type


The sublimation ink is also called "heat transfer ink". Great for personalized customized development in the market. It is available for variety of Desktop and Large Format Textile Printers Like Epson Stylus, Mimaki, Roland and Mutoh Etc.


DTG ink means "direct to Garment ink". It is a water based pigment ink for large format printers with Epson and Ricoh series printhead, like Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh, Epson etc. It is also suitable for flat printer or small-size format. Convenient to use on small workshops. DTG pigment ink offers a new experience in digital printing on textiles. The ink is suitable for printing on most types of fabrics whether natural, man-made or blended fabrics and ideal for high-speed direct digital printing for the majority of textile applications.

Digital Textile Pigment ink

This environmentally friendly ink has excellent wetting properties and remains flexible without cracking or flaking, providing long-lasting results when printed on textile materials.

DTF Ink – Direct To Film Ink

DTF ink (aka Direct to Film ink) has been carefully selected and tested, and our DTF ink manufacturing is carefully scrutinized to ensure the highest quality standards in ink production and consistency. DTF Ink is used to print to DTF Film (Direct to Film Transfers) using either a DTG or DTF printer. The DTF ink/transfers can be transferred to a variety of textiles and fabrics (cotton, polyester and more) as well as other substrates. Choosing the right DTF ink can be a daunting task, so we have broken down our ink types in the following matrix to better guide you. Although all inkmall DTF inks will work on various engines, we also offer the desktop DTF and wide DTF ink series formulated for a more specific set of printheads/printer engines.