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Do you know the Uncommon Knowledge of UV Printer UV Ink?

Sep. 15, 2020

As a UV Ink Supplier, share with you. Five cold knowledge of UV printer UV ink:

Cold knowledge one: the curing speed of UV ink is affected by color.

M, Y, C, and K are in this order, especially if K is printed in high density, incomplete curing may occur. There is almost no difference between the color curing speed between M and Y, but C slows down, especially K slowly stands out. The reason is that the carbon used for the black UV ink absorbs light.

Even with UV light irradiation, the starting point of the reaction cannot be sufficiently generated, and the curing becomes incomplete.

M and Y hardly absorb ultraviolet light, while C and K, especially black, absorb ultraviolet light to a large extent.

For Epson Dx5 Uv Ink

for Epson Dx5 Uv Ink

Cold knowledge 2: The concentration control of black UV ink is very important

Black UV ink is grayish. If the black color is too large, there is a risk of causing poor curing and adhesion, resulting in blocking, so it is difficult to absolutely control the density of the black UV ink.

Cold knowledge 3: The viscosity of UV ink varies greatly with temperature

UV inks tend to have large viscosity changes with temperature changes.

In the morning when the UV printer is cooling down, the UV ink may be too hard, and the temperature will rise at noon, and the UV ink will become soft. In order to maintain the fluency of UV ink, air conditioning is generally installed in summer and heating in winter.

Cold knowledge 4: The gloss of UV ink is lower than that of oil-based ink

The reason why it is difficult to obtain high gloss compared to oil-based ink is because the curing speed of UV ink is very fast, and it will be cured after printing before it becomes smooth and smooth. Since light is diffusely reflected on the surface of the UV ink, gloss becomes difficult to appear.

Cold knowledge five: can not copy the intermediate color in UV ink

The neutral color of UV ink (light beige, light gray, and other subtle colors) is difficult to reproduce, and the UV printer needs to be tested before each printing.

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