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UV Primer

Premium UV Varnish

IM-UVGL are formulated for printing on various of rigid and flexible substrates. InkMall varnish can improve your artwork with Excellent reflective and glossy texture

Ink Type : Flexible (soft), Rigid (hard)

Compatible Printhead: Epson, Ricoh, Toshiba, Konica, Spectra, Xaar, Starfire

Product Type : Transparent liquid

Promoter UV

UV Primer are designed to solve the adhesion issue on non-absorbant surface like ceramics, glass, acrylic, and metal etc. It is used as pre-coating before uv printing. 

InkMall uv primer:

  • Compatible with all uv inks. 

  • Improve the resistance for different situation

  • Improve adhesion

How to apply uv primer:

1. Spray evenly on the printing surface

2. Brush on various rigid substrates

Ink Type : Transparent liquid

Product Volume: 1000ml

Type: Glass, Metal, PVC