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UV Printer Ink

UV Inks 

365 — 405 nm


InkMall UV inks are a wide range of Single pass and multi-pass UV inks and fluids for use on wide-format printers (flatbed, hybrid or roll-to-roll). Support piezo print heads requiring standard viscosity and industrial head including Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Xaar, Seiko, Toshiba, Seiko etc. 

InkMall IM-UV ink advantage:                          

1. Professional manufactured to match 
2. Formulated for use on a wide variety of media.
3. Wide color gamut and better printing performance;
3. Excellent adhesion, Strong outdoor durability;
4. Environmental friendly formula with low odor

The top 5 reasons to choose inkmall uv ink

It is available for the most popular digital printer brands.

1. Mimaki, Eyecolor, Gongzheng, Witcolor, Flora, Xenons, Handtop, Docan Fortune, Mimage
2. Allwin, Yaselan, Liyu, Human, Flyjet, Grando, Bossron, Taimes, JHF, EFI, Teckwin, Titanjet etc