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Details when using DTF white ink

Nov. 30, 2023

details when using DTF white ink?

All DTF white inks on the market will precipitate. This phenomenon is a problem with all current inks because they contain titanium dioxide. Therefore, it is a normal phenomenon for the ink to precipitate after being left for a long time. This requires us to fully shake the ink before adding the ink and pay attention to daily machine use and maintenance.

inkmall dtf ink

DTF - white ink daily precautions

1. Use a shaker to fully shake the ink deposits.

2. Shake first and then add 1/3 of the ink, then shake evenly before adding the ink cartridge (the sediment is at the bottom, and the bottle has a large space at this time, so you can shake it fully evenly), or divide it into several bottles and shake it thoroughly before adding it to the ink cartridge.

3. Replace the white filter regularly, as it will precipitate overtime (usually replaced once every 3 months)

dtf ink filter

4. When you find that the white channel is clogged, please check the cartridge and filter to see if there is white sediment. If have, please replace or flush the filter and stir the cartridge ink evenly to solve the problem.

inkmall dtf

5. When stopping printing, you need to add moisturizing fluid/cleaning fluid to moisten the nozzle, because once the white ink dries, it will be difficult to clean, so you need to maintain moisturizing and print regularly to keep it in good condition.

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