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Hybrid UV Ink

New announced hybrid UV inks for the flatbed printer, roll to roll printer, and hybrid printers. It adhere to a wide range of treated and untreated substrates with exceptional color gamut.


Key Features for Hybrid Ink:

●  Low odor formulation

●  Heat Bendable Ink, Suitable for thermoforming

    Over 300 Degree stretch factor without cracking

●  Print on flexible and rigid substrates

    Adhesion improvement-Print without primer

●  Excellent restistance to edage chipping on rigid substrates when used with knife or router cutter


● Acrylics

● Foamboard

● Polystyrene

● Expanded PVC products

● Rigid Polyethylene

● Fluted Polypropylene

*Adhesion should always be tested as adhesion does depend upon curing conditions, age and manufacturer of substrate.
This ink is flexible and resists edge chipping when router, guillotine-cut or high-speed knife cut