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How to Choose UV Printer Ink?

Sep. 07, 2020

As a UV Led Ink Supplier, share with you. The ink used by UV printers is different from ordinary home or office inks. The UV inks of UV printers should mainly consider the following factors:

1. UV ink fluency

Good smooth ink: Will not easily block the nozzle of the UV printer. After half a month, the ink is still smooth when printing. Ink with poor fluidity: It is easy to block the print head, sometimes the block is very thorough, and the cleaning is not good, causing the print head to be scrapped.

2. UV ink smell

Identifies the quality of ink by smell, and the weaker the smell, the less corrosive the ink.

3. UV ink color reproduction

The printed image can be compared with the image on the monitor. The closer the color is, the better the ink reducibility and vividness.

UV Led Ink

UV Led Ink

Why do you say that it is closer, instead of being exactly the same?

Because the display used by most customers may be a liquid crystal display or a common CRT. Liquid crystal displays have deviations in color display due to their working principles. Therefore, it is recommended not to use liquid crystal displays in general. Ordinary CRTs can not achieve the same display effect on images, unless professional CRT displays.

The UV printer is a high-tech, plate-free full-color digital printing machine, without material restrictions. Color photo-level printing can be performed on T-shirts, sliding doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, glass, plates, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, etc. There is no need to make a plate and complete the printing at one time, with beautiful and rich colors, abrasion resistance, UV protection, simple and convenient operation, fast printing image speed, and fully comply with industrial printing standards.

The application of UV printing is one of the most important content in the printing industry. There is no doubt that the deep processing of packaging products such as hot stamping, laminating, embossing, and various glazing applications have become common, among which special effect glazing has become a trend. The rise of multiple coating technologies is largely due to the development of technology and the configuration of printing presses. In the folding carton printing of cosmetics and cigarette packages, the sheet-fed offset printing machine occupies an absolute advantage. For those special parts that are difficult to complete with offset printing, screen printing or single gravure printing can be used.

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