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What Kind of ink is UV Ink?

Nov. 04, 2020

As a UV Ink For Inkjet Printer Manufacturer, share with you about the led UV ink features.

UV ink is characterized by oil-based ink, and it is mainly used on UV Flatbed, roll to roll, or Hybrid printer. Referred to as UV ink.

Immediate Curing

UV inks have selective absorption of UV light. Drying is affected by the total energy of UV light source radiation and the energy distribution of light of different wavelengths. Under the irradiation of UV light, the UV ink photopolymerization initiator absorbs photons of a certain wavelength and is excited to an excited state to form free radicals or ions. Then through intermolecular energy transfer, the polymerized prepolymer and light-sensitive monomers and polymers become excited states, resulting in a charge-transfer complex. These complex particles are continuously cross-linked and polymerized to solidify into a film.

UV Ink For Inkjet Printer

UV Ink For Inkjet Printer

UV ink is due to its special internal structure. Can not see the light and high temperature. So UV ink bottles are generally black. The ink path system inside the UV machine is mainly opaque black.

Curing Speed related to colors

The curing speed of UV ink is actually related to the color. Some colors in UV ink absorbs more ultraviolet light, and some colors absorb less ultraviolet light, so the curing speed is not uniform, but it is only a slight difference. There is not much impact on the actual printing process. The color state of UV ink printed with a UV printer is a matte state because the curing speed of UV ink is very fast, and it will be cured after printing before it becomes smooth and smooth. Since the light is diffusely reflected on the surface of the UV ink, the gloss texture becomes difficult to appear (matte: the reflected light is "diffuse reflection", there is no glare, no glare, and it gives a sense of calm and elegant. A bright light has a smooth surface and a mirrored surface. Reflection and glare. It gives a bright and gorgeous feeling.)

Too much black concentration in UV ink will lead to poor adhesion and curing. Due to the relatively high carbon content in black UV ink, carbon absorbs the ultraviolet light in the UV lamp, resulting in a decrease in ultraviolet light that can actually participate in the curing reaction.


As the temperature changes, the viscosity of UV ink will have a slight influence. The higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity. Therefore, the color hardness printed in the early morning of winter is too large, while the color hardness printed at noon in summer will be a little softer (similar to thermal expansion and contraction). UV ink has a higher viscosity and is generally suitable for industrial-grade printers.

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