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Would you Choose so Many Types of UV Inks?

Mar. 19, 2021

As a Uv Ink Manufacturer, share with you.

UV printers can print many flat materials, and more and more people are beginning to use UV printers to process or process products. The market application of UV flatbed printers is becoming more and more common and sophisticated, and more and more industries and materials are touched, such as home improvement customization, building materials customization, advertising, mobile phone accessories, standard logos, handicrafts, decorative paintings, etc. However, there are many types of UV inks in the UV market. In actual production.

Neutral UV Ink for Hybrid UV Printer

How to choose UV inks?

Choose according to performance positioning

The more accurate the ink selection and positioning, the more worry the manufacturer will use. UV inks are divided into soft inks, neutral inks, hard inks, and coating-free inks. Next, Xiaomei Yin will share the scope of application and advantages of these inks.

UV hard ink- (Rigid UV Ink)

When printing harder materials, use hard ink. Hard ink has stronger adhesion and the weakest stretch and bending performance. When the material is distorted, the printed pattern will crack. Applicable materials: ceramic tiles, metal, wood, hard plastic, signs, acrylic, glass, integrated boards, small crafts, and other high-hard materials.

UV soft ink- (Flexible UV Ink)

Soft ink can be printed on soft materials, and there will be no faults when the material is distorted. The ink layer is too soft, and it is easy to leave scratch marks on hard materials

Applicable materials: Light cloth, soft film, wall cloth, wallpaper, car stickers, PVC film, PET light film, canvas, 3P cloth, and other soft materials.

UV neutral ink- (Hybrid UV ink)

Disadvantages: lack of hardness, not suitable for materials with high hardness requirements such as glass; applicable materials: acrylic, PS board, PVC foam board, KT board, etc.

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