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Hot Melt DTF Adhesive Powder-White

Works with DTF PET Film

InkMall DTF Powder combines with PET film sheet. It is applied during the DTF transfer printing.

Delivery time: 3-5 working days by Air Express, Large quantity, exact time please contact us.

Available volume: 1kg/2kg

Supply capacity: 600 tons per month

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Hot Melt Adhesive Powder- Direct to Film Adhesive Powder

Hot melt dtf powder has excellent characteristics of high bond strength, soft hand, good resilience, widely used in elastic textiles, leather, shoes and carpets lamination and thermal transfer industry. Soft hand feel, abrasion resistance, stretching, tearing resistance to hydrolysis, high temperature resistance, renewable good resilience excellent characteristics, biomedical and thermal transfer industry.

Hot melt dtf powder has a high peel strength, dry cleaning resistance, strong resistance to washing, for hot stamping diamonds, wig bonding, heat transfer printing and other industries. dtf powder can be used powder point, paste point or sprinkle point process, evenly sprayed on the surface of the substrate, laminated, heated and pressurized.

Instructions for use/Cure time: :

Apply evenly to the printed wet ink and shake off excess ink from the film. Heat at 210 degrees for 2-3 minutes until the powder melts

tip/ 2 minutes at 325 F to 370F by hovering with a heat press


dtf powder is suitable for storage in a cool, dry place.

Direct to Film Powder

We also offer A3 A4 Pet film Sheet for options

Ink BrandInkMall
Compatible PrintersWork with all DTF printer
Product NumberIM-DTF Powder
Features• Excellent washing (level4-5) and lightfastness (level5-6)

• Easy process: Direct print to pet film->spread powder ->

   Heat press>finish

• Printing smooth, no printhead jam
• High efficiency, can greatly reduce the fabric and paint waste
• Environmental materials guarantees, no harm to Human and Environment
Ink ColorWhite, Black
Product typePowder
Carton Size46.5*37.5*25cm
Qty/Carton20pcs/ctn 20kg
ManualEasy process: Direct print to textile-> heat ->finish
Printing smooth, no printhead jam
High efficiency, can greatly reduce the fabric and paint waste
Environmental materials guarantee no harm to humans and the Environment
Expire time1 year
Storage&Operating Conditionstore in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Application• Apply for sports apparel, soft signage, home decor, flag & banner, etc.
• Cotton, linen, polyester, blended, Lycra, PU, nylon for direct printing.
NoteWhen changing old ink to Inkmall ink each color should be flushed before replacing InkMall ink.
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DTF PreTreat Powder

DTF PreTreat Powder is a proprietary DTFPRO brand, specially formulated thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) hot melt adhesive powder, also known as transfer powder, transfer film or DTF transfer powder. If that's a bite, don't worry, it's all you really need to know.

Using DTF PreTreat Powder

DTF TRANSFER is done using DTF PreTreat Sheets (aka Transfer Sheets) and DTF PreTreat Powder (aka Transfer Powder).

First you print (using your DTG or DTF machine, using textile inks or DTF inks) onto DTF PreTreat Sheets or Rolls; then you cover your print with DTF PreTreat Powder? Powder; and heat press it onto your garment or textile. You can print in colour to transfer to white textiles, or if you are transferring to dark/black textiles, you can print 1 layer of colour and then 1 layer of white.

However, if by definition the purpose of DTG is Direct To Garment and using DTF, you are introducing a transfer 

DTF (Direct to Film) benefits

Traditional transfer printing has been around for a long time and is used exclusively in the thermal transfer or sublimation printing market. So what are the benefits of DTF? In fact there are some, and they are important.

Features DTF PreTreat Powder

DTF allows transfer printing onto dark shirts (due to the white DTF ink) - something that conventional thermal transfer printing cannot do

DTF allows for a more breathable print, smooth and supple to the touch - something that is not possible with conventional heat transfers

DTF does not require the image to be cut off at the time of transfer - this is not possible with conventional thermal transfers

DTF produces more vibrant colours than thermal transfers

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Hot Melt DTF Adhesive Powder-White

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