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UV-CL InkMall Flush for All

Strong clean, compatible with all uv printer

IM-UV CL uv ink clean liquid. also called flush. Suitable for all uv printhead. 

Delivery time: 3-5 working days by Air Express, Large quantity, exact time please contact us.

Available volume: 1L

Supply capacity : 600 tons per month

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This UV clean solution is ideal for all UV printer. Strong outdoor durability, great for large format UV printer, no matter flatbed or roll to roll type

Model: UV-CL, Daily maintenance for UV printing. 

This uv ink suitable for printer brands:
Gongzheng, Witcolor, Flora, Xenons, Handtop, Docan Taimes, Allwin, Yaselan, Liyu, Human, Flyjet, Grando, Bossron, JHF, EFI, Teckwin, Titanjet, etc

Ink BrandInkMall/OEM
Compatible PrintersAll UV printers
Product NumberIM-UV CL
Features• VOC and odor-free
• Strong durability, indoor 15 years, outdoor 3.5-5 years
• Shelf life: 6 months for white color, 1 year for C M Y K
• Perfect jet ability and instant curing, energy-saving
• Excellent scratch resistance and color density
Ink Colorcyan, magenta, yellow, black, light magenta, light cyan, white, gloss, clean liquid
Ink typesolvent-based ink
Carton Size42*34*23.5cm  1L
Qty/Carton20pcs/ctn 1L
Manual1. Shaking the ink before using;
2. Keep away from children
3. Keep out of direct sunlight;
3. Avoid contact with eye and skin
4. Wash with soap and water, when the ink splashes on skin
Expire time12 Month; white, varnish 6 month
Storage&Operating ConditionTemperature: 18-28℃,Humidity: 25%-70%

Widely application, suitable for outdoor to an indoor environment, directly prints on substrates like:

1.Hard (Rigid) ink: paper,metal,ceramic,glass,PVC,KT board,acrylic and other flat or slightly curved materials.

2.Soft (Flexible) ink: cotton, light box cloth, roll to roll materials

NoteThe ink should be allowed to reach room temperature before calibration or printing.
Disclaimer*Specifications and product are subject to change without prior notification. Further information about our products, please contact us

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UV-CL InkMall Flush for All

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