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New Hybrid UV inks for UV LED Printer

Mar. 09, 2021

After the New Hybrid UV ink launched, we received many clients' confusion about this new product. The inks combine the fast curing UV ink technology and flexibility characteristics of Industrial UV ink and UV ink for Epson - without the VOC'S. Formulated for use in multiple applications with adhesion to a wide variety of flexible and rigid substrates. Let us get a further introduction to this ink.

As you know, Rigid or flexible UV inks are designed for printing either on rigid and flexible surfaces. They cannot make, However, by formulating the hybrid Inks so that the ink can work on more flexible applications and increase durability overall. The hybrid inks are also more scratch-resistant, and also heat bendable supported.


• Acrylics

• Foamboard

• Polystyrene

• Expanded PVC products

• Rigid Polyethylene

• Fluted Polypropylene

hybrid uv ink-application

Due to print with Hybrid UV ink no need extra pre-coating. The profits for UV printer owners can generate with multiple features. Current Hybrid Uv Ink on hot sale, welcome to contact us.

Hybrid Uv Ink