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Most Used UV Lighting Printing Materials

Feb. 20, 2021

UV Printer Ink Manufacturer

As a UV Printer Ink Manufacturer, I would like to share with you the commonly used materials for UV internal lighting. UV backlighting printing solutions have been widely used in domestic and foreign markets. It mainly in high-end places, such as brand mobile phone background wall lightboxes, Metro advertising light boxes, airport advertising light boxes, large shopping malls signs and advertising light boxes, etc.

1. Soft film

The soft film is now the most widely used material in domestic lighting schemes. Compared with pearl cloth, the price is cheaper; compared with an internal light knife scraping cloth, it has no netting, and the picture is transparent and bright white after lighting, and the visual effect is good. But the advertising lightbox is just one of the simple applications of soft film, because its material can be stretched, there is another application to be promoted.

Compatible Application:

1. Home decoration ceiling.

2.Combining the designer's modeling design, making the shape, color, and pattern suitable for the place can be applied to hotels, swimming pools, clubs, conference halls, shopping malls, etc.

2. Non Weaving Canvas

The most widely used in the industry is French Tego's pearl cloth-Non weaving canvas. The characteristics are extremely fine grain, pearl white surface coating, excellent light transmission effect and good light reflection effect in the box, which completely covers the lamp beads in the light-box from the outside. It is especially suitable for high-end low boxes. The light-boxes used in mobile phone stores of various brands now use this material.

3. Back Light Film

Most of them are made of PET material (hard and soft), with good light transmittance and black opacity, good stiffness, fine texture, soft and full color, high temperature and low-temperature resistance, waterproof and UV resistance. The widest can reach 3.2 meters, suitable for large-scale indoor and outdoor pictures. The picture of the wide-format lamp film has a bumpy feel to it, and the picture is high-definition, high-saturation, and delicate.

4. Internal light knife scraping cloth

High saturation, clear and delicate picture, bright color, extra thick, high-end display effect, high strength, double sun protection, double wind resistance.

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