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Why Is DTF Becoming More and More Popular in 2022?

Apr. 14, 2022

Direct to film (DTF) printing is a versatile technique that involves printing layouts onto PET films wiith DTF printer and hot-melt adhesive powder. Its heat transfer process permits similar longevity to standard silkscreen prints. Great for small orders and short turnarounds for your printing shop.


How DTF printing is working?

Direct Transfer Film works by printing transfers that are heat pressed to a variety of substrates. There are numerous compatible materials, unlike DTG technology which just works with cotton materials. This consequently suggests that this printer deals with a much broader substrates, making it one of the most versatile digital printer in the market. DTF printers deal with both white and also dark garments. Unlike DTG modern technology, DTF printers are favored, because they are cost effective and call for no pre-treatment. For high quality outcomes, what you need are DTF powder and DTF PET transfer film, and DTF Ink.

Steps: print film, Add adhesive powder, apply heat, remove transfer -get the artwork transfer done

Why Is DTF Becoming More and More Popular in 2022?cid=31

Why is DTF growing in appeal?

DTF printing provides better adaptability than other printing technologies. DTF makes it possible for printing on different textiles, consisting of cotton, nylon, rayon, polyester, natural leather, silk, and extra.


DTF printing has actually transformed the textile market and also updated textile development for the electronic age. The procedure is straightforward: electronic artwork is produced, printed on the film, then transferred onto the textile.

Extra advantages of DTF printing:

● It's easy to maintain.

● No need Pretreatment.

● The procedure uses regarding 75% less ink.

● Much better printing quality

● Compatible with lots of kinds of product.

● Unmatched quality and high productivity.

● Calls for less space than other technologies.


DTF Printing is Perfect for Small and Tool Organizations.

The DTF procedure makes it possible for designers to start quicker than DTG or screen printing modern technologies.

From there, the very easy DTF four-step procedure results in textiles that feel softer as well as offer better wash-ability:

Step 1: Put the PET film in the printer trays as well as print.

Step 2: Spread the hot-melt powder on the film with the printed photo.

Step 3: Melt the adhesive powder.

Step 4: Pre-pressing the fabric.


Designing a DTF printing pattern is as easy as creating on paper: your design is sent from the computer to the DTF machine, et cetera of the work is done by the printer. While DTF printers look various from typical paper printers, they function just like other inkjet printers..

In contrast, screen printing involves lots of actions, which means that it's commonly only affordable for the easiest designs or for printing a lot of items..

Although screen printing still has a place in the garments market, DTF printing is extra affordable for small businesses or textile companies that intend to make smaller sized orders.


DTF Printing Offers Extra Layout Options.

It isn't practical to Screen print facility patterns as a result of the quantity of job included. However, with DTF modern technology, printing complicated and also multi-colored graphics is different from printing a simple style.

DTF additionally makes it feasible for designers to make DIY hats, purses, as well as various other items.


DTF Printing is A Lot More Sustainable and Cheaper Than Various Other Methods.

With the garment industry's raising interest in sustainability, an additional advantage of DTF printing over conventional printing is its highly sustainable innovation. DTF printing assists stop overflow, an usual problem in the textile sector. Furthermore, the ink utilized in the electronic direct shot printer is water-based and also eco-friendly.

DTF printing can understand one-off styles as well as remove the waste of unsold supply.

Compared to screen printing, DTF printing is more economical. For small set orders, the unit printing expense of DTF printing is lower than the typical screen printing process.


Find out more bout DTF Modern technology.

InkMall tech would love to assist if you want to discover more about DTF modern technology. Feel free to contact us if you have question about the dtf procedure. 

Why Is DTF Becoming More and More Popular in 2022?cid=31