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What is Epson EcoTank?

Jan. 09, 2021

Today we will talk about the New EcoTank inkjet printer ink. It developed by printer manufacturer Epson was first launched in 2015 for users who are frustrated by buying a new printer and need to purchase expensive ink cartridges. If need more solution for economics Ink For Epson Eco Tank, feel free to check with us.

Ink For Epson Eco Tank

New Epson EcoTank Series

In 2018, a brand new EcoTank series printer available in the market.

- Home users: ET-2500/ ET-2600/ ET-2700/ ET-2750 etc

- Office Use: ET-3600/ ET-4500/ ET-3750/ ET-4750 etc

- Photo Print: ET-7700/ ET-7750 etc

And most common models: 001/002/003/004/101/102/103/104/504/554/502/512/TOOR/T03Y/TOOV/MKA/HNA/YAD/HAR/ etc

EcoTank Printer store its ink in refillable ink tanks instead of replaceable ink cartridges.

Now users can recycle the empty ink cartridge instead of throwing away empty ink cartridges. Print a lot, save a lot. Save up to 90% with low-cost replacement ink bottles vs. ink cartridges. The old ink-jet users, might familiar with the CISS system (continues inkjet supply system). It is pretty the same operate way, but no need for needle refill anymore.

Is Epson EcoTank messy?

During the ink changing, it might spray out. So please wear gloves on both hands!

Filling the tank is not complicated, so if you are careful and take some time. You won't spill anything!

Ink For Epson Eco Tank

Will Epson EcoTank ink dry out?

It will not, the eco tank doesn’t have a sponge to soak the extra ink like the regular 3 years expiration cartridge. dates unless the ink is evaporated.

Will Third-Party Compatible EcoTank ink clog head?

It varies, it depends on the manufacturer's technologies experiences. Eco-tank is likely patent by Epson. You need to find suppliers with rich productivity and technology-based. We are able to supply it with 100% positive feedback. However, the print head may still dry or clog and dry out when long time no use. You will need to run very regular ink maintenance/cleaning to prevent ink from drying up and stopping print-outs from having lines across them.

Below is the most common packing for Epson refillable dye inkjet printer

Ink For Epson Eco Tank

For more details about more tips for your eco tank inkjet ink printer, follow us will keep update.

Original author -Coral Hwang

By InkMall Tech Department