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Comparative Analysis of Several Popular Sprinkler Applications

Jan. 25, 2021

As a Uv Ink Manufacturer, share with you.

Two-year lifespan

The print head can be used for more than two years, which is the most basic requirement of the user, and this value is used for comparison here. In actual use, the life of some nozzles can be used for at least three years, then its cost performance will increase, and vice versa. The I3200 print head is currently a very cost-effective print head, so many equipment manufacturers use it on relatively simple and economical machines for running volume, so most users use it for less than two years, so the lifespan of 9 months is temporarily To calculate. To reach a life span of two years, about 2.67 heads are needed. But judging from the actual application situation, the ink supply system on many devices is still too simple, which leads to a greatly reduced application life of this nozzle. If some necessary improvements are made to the ink supply system, the life of this nozzle can at least be increased. above 50. Analyzing the cost performance of each nozzle, their ranking is different under four different conditions. Therefore, in order to improve the cost performance, on the one hand, the nozzle factory must lower the price, and the other is that the equipment factory must give full play to the performance of the nozzle and reach the nominal index of the nozzle factory.

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Various nozzles and application adaptation options

It is only analyzed from the perspective of output and price and did not discuss where they are suitable for application. When each application field is to be subdivided, the cost performance and preferred arrangement of each nozzle will change.

For different device types

Toshiba CJ1, Brother 1680, Epson I3200, Ricoh G6, Komei 1024A and other small-sized print heads are generally used in small-format economical equipment. Large-size nozzles such as S3200 and Kyocera are generally used in large-format and high-speed industrial equipment.

Different types of ink

At present, the equipment on the market is mainly based on three types of inks: water-based, eco-solvent, and UV; usually, when the same type of nozzle has a greater advantage for water-based ink, it may not have an advantage for oil-based ink.

Ink drop volume size

From the point of view of the gray distribution of ink droplets, it is related to printing different media and using different inks. When using eco-solvent ink, if the maximum gray-scale ink drop volume is less than 25PL, the print color block needs to be slower than the 4Pass speed; if the ink droplet is less than 5PL, the gap between the printing surface and the medium should be less than 2 mm to print high Precision pattern.

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