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Why LED UV Inks Are Ideal for High-Speed Inkjet Printing?

Dec. 17, 2021

In a competitive environment, printers need to provide their customers with more than just high-quality output and reliable service. To stand out from the crowd, you first need to help your customers capture the attention of your target audience and differentiate the products you can offer.

A good way to achieve this is to give your customers the option to print on different or innovative and specialized substrates. However, this can cause problems for you as a printer, as some non-porous substrates do not absorb certain types of inks well and take too long to dry, and therefore may provide less-than-ideal end results. Streaked, smudged or blurred prints are unlikely to impress customers who are simply moving their business elsewhere.

This means it's important to choose inks that can print on a variety of substrates without compromising quality or speed. You don't want to invest in special digital stocks or expensive coatings; you just need a reliable inkjet printer that can deliver superior quality on a variety of substrates.

UV curable ink


Nine advantages of LED UV inkjet technology

Using ultraviolet (UV) light through light-emitting diodes (LEDs) replaces traditional mercury lamp curing. It offers nine key advantages.

1. It prints at high resolution: It uses UV LED inkjet technology to achieve a true resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi with eight levels of grayscale, droplet sizes from 3.5 to 7 liters, and shared, crisp text quality.

2. It prints on non-porous substances: You can print on anything from PVC, Teslin or Tyvek to synthetics and foils without the need for pre-coated substrates. The result is a natural offset appearance. Thermal substrates can also be printed safely and with high quality results.

3. It dries immediately: Short jobs are becoming more common and there is a high demand for printers that can complete projects quickly. UV LED inks dry immediately, so you can send short jobs with tight turnaround times directly to the next production step immediately after printing. This means no more smudged or blurry prints and the ability to do automatic duplex printing that is not possible with traditional inks.

4. It offers a wide color gamut: With UV LED inkjet technology, you get 68% more color gamut compared to four-color offset printing.

5. It is light resistant: Prints with UV inks will not fade as fast as those printed on offset presses, even when exposed to direct sunlight. As a result, your prints will remain vibrant, making them ideal for signage and display and, in some cases, packaging.

6. Highly stable: UV inks are less likely to dry when exposed to air, so you won't see jet misalignment caused by the ink drying on the nozzle surface. And, because the paper transfer technology is the same as for offset presses, you'll see reliable and consistent paper handling throughout the paper path.

7. It has precise registration accuracy: When printing on paper substrates, it eliminates the rippling or curling problems normally associated with heat fixing and drying and has precise registration.

8. Decorative or value-added coatings can be used: UV LED inkjet presses print decorations digitally, turning ordinary jobs into extraordinary materials with spot printing to highlight defined areas or add tactile 3D effects.

9. Lower energy costs: LED UV lamps last significantly longer than traditional UV lamps, saving time and money and reducing heat emissions. UV inks are also solvent-free, so LED UV curing eliminates the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), avoiding the environmental problems they cause and reducing energy costs and heat-related hazards.


In a competitive industry, where your reputation depends on the quality of your work and the speed of your project turnaround, these benefits can set you apart. Depending on the capabilities offered by our UV LED inkjet technology, you can attract new customers and enter new markets.


To learn more about why an LED UV inkjet printer can be a great investment for your future business, contact InkMall today.