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What are the UV Curable Inks Used for Metals?

Jun. 24, 2021

As a Uv Ink Supplier, share with you.

There are two types of UV curable inks for metal printing: cationic or free radical (acrylate). Cationic UV curable inks all contain a chemical composition based on epoxy resin. The curing speed of this ink system is slower than that of the traditional free radical system, which is generally based on acrylic resin. If properly treated, both ink systems can bring good outdoor durability to printed matter. Both cationic and free radical UV curable inks are chemically reactive. During the curing process, a hard ink film can be produced. These ink films are not only resistant to abrasion and corrosion by chemical agents, but also similar to thermosetting solvent inks.

Uv Curable Varnish

Uv Curable Varnish

No matter which type of ink you choose for metal printing, this ink should meet the specific performance requirements of the job. For example, the ink film formed by screen printing ink must not only have a certain degree of hardness to resist wear, scratches, ink accumulation and solvent erosion, but also have enough flexibility to facilitate people's bending, die-cutting and Press bumps.

There will not be one ink and one metal substrate that can meet all your production requirements. On the contrary, you need to deal with different coating materials and at the same time match the ink system with different coating materials and the end use of the product. If the product is used internally, it is very suitable for epoxy resin inks, and resin thermosetting inks are also available. If the product does not need to be solvent-resistant, then air-dried solvent-based inks are sufficient. If the printed matter needs both corrosion resistance and outdoor durability, air-drying and epoxy-based solvent-based inks are not ideal choices, but other traditional thermosetting or UV-curing inks can be used in this field. Your first task is to ensure that the ink film can adhere to the substrate after drying or curing, and you should choose different inks according to different materials.

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