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What is Textile Ink?

Sep. 01, 2021

Textile ink is continuously used in industry, and it is also an indispensable raw material in advertising materials. The choice of ink also directly affects the effect of the final advertising screen. Textile ink can help display and display rich patterns, and is easy to operate without pre-processing.

DTF Max Direct to Film Textile Ink for Epson

DTF Max Direct to Film Textile Ink for Epson

The following is a detailed introduction of textile inks on the advertising portal:

Textile ink uses water-based ink to produce the picture accuracy, and can be applied to uncoated or coated substrates, and can prevent UV ultraviolet rays, suitable for outdoor: colorful colors, experience the real visual enjoyment. It is environmentally friendly water-based ink, and effectively protect the nozzle, no cyclohexanone, no waste, no peculiar smell.

The particle diameter in the ink is less than 0.1mm and approaches zero. At the same time, the ink density is closest to the standard density, so the color is more realistic and natural.

The performance color gamut is wide, the color performance is beautiful and gorgeous, the printed image is highly clear, and the color is full and bright.

has a very high physical and chemical stability, strong color reproduction ability, good fluency, no clogging of the nozzle, no ink pile, waterproof.

A more optimized and deploying solution can fully improve the scratch resistance of the screen, and the weather resistance can reach more than two years.


The characteristics of this series of textile inks are as follows:

1. The program is simple: no pre-processing is required, and image color printing can be done directly.

2. Washing resistance: After printing, you can use washing powder to scrub directly, and the color will not fade.

3. No hand feeling: color printing on pure cotton fabric does not have any hand feeling.

4. Bright colors, good saturation for IT magazines.

5. Color image printing can be carried out on black clothing, and the color will not fade after washing.

6. Sun-resistant, the color does not change after exposure to the sun.

7. Seven, the ink has good fluency, it can be placed for a week, and the color printing can be normal after turning on the machine

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