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How to solve DTF white ink leaking on the film?

Sep. 03, 2022

Have you faced the problem of DTF INK LEAKING, RUNNING OR FLOWING on the film before?

How to solve DTF white ink leaking/running/flowing on the film?cid=31


Now InkMall will teach you how to solve this problem:

1. please kindly check the ink loading you are printing now, we recommend you print with 60-70% white ink.
we known some customer want to print 100 % white to give good ground coverage, in this case, the white ink running problem may happen. one hand, you can try to decrease the ink loading, if you can't decrease the ink load, you can try double side DTF film, it is with perfect ink absording.
2. at same time, please make sure your printer's front platform heating is turned on, it helps the ink to dry.
3. please check if your film is damp or not, you can try to print the same designs with same setting by a new film to check if your film is good or not.

Above is some suggestions from us to help you solve the white ink leaking problem, if you still have any questions,
welcome to talk with us