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What are the Differences Between S3200 Printhead and 4720 Printhead?

Nov. 20, 2020

At present, the mainstream S3200 print head solution in the market is the four-head S3200, and the mainstream 4720 print head solution is the eight-head 4720. We will analyze the differences between the two print head solutions in detail from the aspects of printing speed and printing accuracy.

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Printing speed

At present, the normal production mode 2PASS printing speed of the four-head S3200 machine in the market is about 190 square meters per hour, while the 2PASS production mode printing speed of the 8-head 4720 machines is about 270 square meters per hour, which is highly competitive, and the entire program has passed the market. Verification, relatively mature. There is a big gap between the printing speed of the four-head S3200 machine and the eight-head 4720 machines. In order to increase the production printing speed, a 1PASS printing solution is needed, so that the entire production printing speed can be up to about 300 square meters per hour, which is a significant increase in speed. And it has strong market competitiveness. But on the other hand, if the S3200 print head uses the 1PASS printing solution, the requirements for the entire printing process are very strict, especially the continuous printing fluency and droplet stability of the ink, because, during the 1PASS printing process, there is a disconnection or disconnection due to no coverage. Oblique jet will significantly affect the quality of the entire printed pattern. Therefore, the implementation of this 1PASS solution requires that the printer and ink match very well before it can proceed smoothly, otherwise it will produce a higher rate of defective products.

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Printing Accuracy

Whether it is the S3200 printhead or the 4720 printheads, as the direct line of the Epson nozzle, both have very high printing accuracy. The key to the printing accuracy of these two solutions is the arrangement and splicing of the nozzles. One of the core competitiveness of the 8-head 4720 solutions on the market is whose printing accuracy is more delicate. In order to solve the accuracy problem caused by the splicing of the nozzles, the S3200 nozzle superposition method perfectly solves the problem of nozzle splicing that affects the printing accuracy. The actual number of nozzles printed after superposition is about 2850. In order to ensure the printing accuracy, the S3200 print head uses nozzle stacking to improve printing accuracy, at the expense of part of the printing speed. From this perspective, the printing accuracy of the four-head S3200 printing solution should be due to the eight-head 4720 solution.


From the cost point of view, the cost of the eight-head 4720 machines is lower than that of the four-head S3200 machine, but the final thing is the actual production cost. If the four-head S3200 print head has a better combination of machine printing stability, speed, and print head durability. If so, many customers in the market, especially mid-to-high-end customers who pursue higher precision and equipment production stability, will join this camp.

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