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About The Principle And Application of Heat Transfer

Aug. 25, 2021

Heat transfer technology is widely used in the printing industry. Heat transfers for clothing and metal photos are also used. Heat transfer technology is easy to learn but difficult to master, and misunderstandings arise due to lack of understanding.

The theory of heat transfer is actually very simple: output the image on transfer paper, and transfer it to different materials with appropriate temperature and pressure. It seems simple, but it is not! Many heat transfer shops have a high failure rate and have not been able to find it. The reason is that you can keep the bad prints for your own use, but after a long period of operation, you may be able to open the "T-shirt printing failure exhibition".



It is very simple to print the heat transfer locally, but the large area is uniform and does not fall off. It depends on the technology. The transfer interface of the heat transfer is very important, that is, the processing technology of the heat transfer paper. The high club pattern is blurred or burnt. And some heat transfer shops bought a 1,000 yuan heat transfer machine, and the printing has been uneven or the quality is unstable. In fact, the heat transfer heating system is different. Is the temperature uniform? Is the pressure just right? It is related to the quality of heat transfer. A good heat transfer machine can solve the problems of different pressure and material thickness at one time.

From the above we can see that you get what you pay for. The most important thing is of course the use of printed calendars, T-shirts, hanging scrolls, hanging bags, medals, photos of gold and silver sculptures, tiles, glass, and wood-grain logs.

The color of the image transferred to the T-shirt is very light, mainly due to the following aspects:

(1) There is a problem with the quality of the transfer ink, you can try another kind of ink;

(2) The problem of inkjet printing paper. Some inkjet printing papers cannot completely transfer the image. You can choose inkjet printing paper with special coating;

(3) The relationship between the temperature and time of the transfer is a problem of operating skills. If the time is too short, the temperature is not enough, and the ink transfer is insufficient, it is also the main reason for the light color;

(4) The choice of T-shirt fabric, if it is transferred on a pure cotton fabric, the color will be lighter. This is determined by the degree of absorption of the ink on the fabric. If the color is transferred on a chemical fiber fabric, the color will be very bright. .

How about the light fastness and washing condition of the transferred clothes?

The color will not fade under direct sunlight.

If the acidity of the water is not too high, the color will generally not fade after washing, but it should not be soaked for too long.

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