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MSL Mild Solvent Ink

Unlike traditional heavy solvnet ink. InkMall mild solvent inks are designed to achieve a high quality print with low odor, Envrionmental friendly and strong outdoor durability. Our InkMmall brand of Mild solvent products are cyclohexanone-free and NMP, (not include high VOC solvent), Not contains high VOC solvents such as: CYC, CAC, PMA, DMF etc. which offers our users a eco-friendly printing environment. Our IM-MSL series mild solvent ink allows our customers to print onto difficult and challenging substrates that aren't possible with water-based inks. Highest quality sub-micron particles produce outstanding outdoor durability and smooth looking graphics.

High Premium Low smell Mild solvent ink

1. For Konica Minolta 512i 30PL, 1024i 6PL-13PL, Konica 512 or 1024-35PL/42PL/14PL
2. Xaar 126 or 128 or 382
3. Seiko SPT 510 35PL, 50PL
4. Stafire 1024 25pl 15pl
5. Spectra Polaris 15pl, Polaris 35pl
The solvent ink outdoor lifetime: 1.5 - 2 years. 

This solvent ink suitable for printer brands:

1. Allwin, FY-Union, Yaselan, Liyu, Human, Taimes, Flyjet, Skyjet, Grando, Bossron, JHF, EFI, Teckwin, Flora

2. Phaeton, Galaxy, Challenger, Infinity, Witcolor, Fortune, Eyecolor, Ico-tec, Etc.

All products listed in the below are available in 1 Liter and 5 Liters packing