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ESL Eco Solvent Ink

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Environmental Friendly Eco solvent ink-IM-ESL3

The demand for alternative eco-friendly products has greatly increased owing to the stronger awareness of environmental issues. InkMall responds to market needs by developing a unique eco-friendly eco solvent ink for wide format printers. This type inks can be used for everything from high-resolution indoor signs to outdoor advertisement displays. A major benefit of InkMall Eco Solvent-based ink is the extended printhead life and provide odorless printing environment. 

IM-ESL are formulated to the below piezo-electronic inkjet printers:
Mutoh, Mimaki, Roland and China makes printers installed with Epson DX4 DX5 DX6 DX7 xp600 tx800  
It does not need color profile and easily switch over from Mimaki SS21 inks.

Eco Solvent ink Application: 

PVC, Vinyl sticker, tarpaulin thus common outdoor medias. Artist canvas, banner, roll up banner, wall papter and wall sticker. PP paper, etc

Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Black, Yellow (Lemon Yellow, Golden Yellow), cleaner check our eco solvent ink printing video