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Desktop Sublimation Ink

InkMall small volume dye sublimation inks are made from ultrafine pigments to get reliable and clog free printing performance. The inks can print and transfer to coated media through thermal transfer device. Professional ink Color processing, wide Color gamut, Color reduction can reach over than 95%. Great use with light coated papers and custom goods. Transfer images is Colorful, bright, pure and vivid, high Color rate, INKMALL transfer ink is the leader in China domestic market.

Desktop Sublimation ink features:

• Excellent UV fade resistance, Water-proof, Sun protection, Rub resistance..

• Quick drying, never clog nozzles.

• High Color fastness, Saturated Color.

• Suitable PH value to protect printhead, Vivid & Vibrant transfers.

• Environmental friendly, no toxic substances.

Packing volume: 100ml/250ml/500ml/1L 

Personalization Application: mugs, umbrellas, shoes, curtains, tiles, pillows, and others